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Value of environment sensitive data

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The Beyond Beauty - TAIWAN FROM ABOVE documentary unveiled scores of issues we don't want to look at including: the Qingjing B&B landslide dip slope, Kaohsiung gas explosion event, oil and gas pipelines and petrochemical pipeline, Tainan dengue fever outbreak, river, drainage system ditch, and soil liquefaction susceptible areas after the powerful earthquake in Southern Taiwan. All these tell the importance and value of the environment or disaster sensitive data on social security. The government is also counting disaster prevention data ready to be opened to the private sector.

Scores of social security maintaining the required data set are now available on the government open data platform including: "Soil Liquefaction Susceptible Map of the Central Geological Survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairs", "Soil Liquefaction Susceptible Graphic Data Group", "Geographic Sensitive Area Range File", "Dip Slope Distribution Map", "Watershed Geological Map", "Taiwan Geological Literature ", "Disaster Prevention Information _ River Warning" and "Flooding Susceptible Map". We expect more efforts will be invested in utilizing these data sets to create more disaster prevention application services.


Soil Liquefaction Susceptible Map of the Central Geological Survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairshttp://data.gov.tw/node/28708

Soil Liquefaction Susceptible Graphic Data Grouphttp://data.gov.tw/node/28691

Geographic Sensitive Area Range Filehttp://data.gov.tw/node/27744

Dip Slope Distribution Maphttp://data.gov.tw/node/6696

Watershed Geological Map - foldshttp://data.gov.tw/node/8941

Watershed Geological Map - Faulthttp://data.gov.tw/node/8939

Watershed Geological Map - Stratahttp://data.gov.tw/node/8937

Taiwan Geological Literaturehttp://data.gov.tw/node/16778

Disaster Prevention Information _ River Warninghttp://data.gov.tw/node/5983

Flooding Susceptible Maphttp://data.gov.tw/node/25766

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