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Leader of Smart City: From Data Collection to Academic Research

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  As the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei City Government dedicates itself to promoting Smart City. To enhance the value of the city’s data and further train research talents of various fields, Taipei City Government has provided 7 universities with open data related to transportation, environment, and disaster prevention. Meanwhile, Taipei City Government also introduce a cloud service from the industry for applying artificial intelligence and online data service in education.

  With the trilateral cooperation of the industry, government and academia, students can use real data to carry out transportation, environment and disaster prevention researches instead of analyzing stimulation data. By doing so, not only the historical tracks of urban life can be presented, the development of open data ecosystem can also be promoted.

  Besides cross-field multilateral open data application, Taipei City Government also expects innovative applications with students’ innovative energy, so that their progress can be reciprocated back to city government. By unblocked channel for bilateral exchange, a new style of urban open data can be formed.


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