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Quantity of open data by Chiayi County Government tops the ranking of non-municipality

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The public is showing more willingness in demanding government administration transparency and getting involved in public policy decision making. Government open data is also the trend among nations in the world. Addressing this trend, practicing government administrative transparency, making use of private sector creativities to developing local specific applicationd, the Chiayi County Government has set up the Chiayi County Government open data site (http://data.gov.tw/taxonomy/term/845) based on the government’s open  data platform (http://data.gov.tw). There are quite some types of data set now available on it including police safety, public health, environmental protection, fire safety, bus transportation, finance and taxation, social welfare, and cultural tourism.

      The Chiayi County Government is determined to deepen its open data implementation. It plans to push a county-wide joint web site based on open data prepared by every administrative agency. By the end of 2016, it is expected that all 51 county agencies shall have their open dataed. There may be 400 strong data sets opened by then and will exceed the county government level and be over the amount of data sets availed of by the 6 municipality governments.

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