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First “Illegal Employer Heat Map” Originated with New Taipei City Government Ensures Employee Rights

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Figure 1: Illegal Employer Heat Map

Source: NTPC iLabor


In recent years, the Labor Affairs Department of New Taipei City Goverment has been vigorously using open data and has released an “Illegal Employer Inquiry” service. To find out whether a company has previously violated labor regulations or harmed the physical and mental security of labors, all citizens have to do is to enter keywords related to it. Coordinated with a visual presentation, it further ensures citizens’ rights when seeking jobs with newly emerging information technology.

According to the labor inspection results from 2013 to 2017 conducted by the Labor Affairs Department, illegal employers were categorized into three types: those violating the Labor Standards Act, the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The registered addresses of more than 7,000 companies were entered into the “Illegal Employer Heat Map of New Taipei City” and transformed into visual geographic information. Different shades of color represent the distribution density of illegal companies. The darker the colors are, the more law-violating companies exist in that region. Moreover, relavant services from “NTPC iLabor” can also be coordinated, such as the “Immediate Labor Inspection-Let’s GO”, so that users can report employers violating the Labor Standards Act online immediately with their mobile. It has received praise from society since releasing. Administrative regulation combine with technolgy together enabled laborers to stay away from spoiled boss when seeking a job.


Source: ETtoday

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