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DATA SALON 2016: "How to implement a full government open data" seminar by the National Development Council (NDC)

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Amid global open data programs by governments around the world recently, Taiwan is not out of the scene. NDC organized the DATA SALON: "How to implement a full government open data" seminar on May 12 and 13, 2016 where relevant personnel from central and local agencies have come together to review the 16K records available on the platform. The goal: identify what's good and bad data expected by everyone. The next is to learn about inventory taking of "openable" data in terms of regulations, people's requirements and agency operations. It helps personnel from the central and local government agencies to learn about what's open data and how to open them for data interaction for lecturers and hands-on workshop.

This first DATA SALON seminar was highly welcomed: a total of 128 civil servants registered but only 81 were accepted due to restrictions on site and course materials. Satisfaction rate of involvement on themes set-up and training materials design reached 86% which suggested that it helped in the attendees' data applications and hands-on operations. Those in the seminar also would like to see more programs like this to come.

NDC's key targets in open data promotion is to encourage individual central and local government agencies to open more data and start QC the huge amount of data now openly available. Even more important is that everyone in the government has to understand that open data is not an extra burden. Rather, a good open data policy and its execution really improve the operating efficiency of every government agent

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