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Lianjiang County releases its first record online; local open data starts running at the full speed

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The government open data platform (data.gov.tw) has gathered 26K strong data sets since its debut. To advocate data connection and application among central and local government agencies the NDC starts working with the local government this year (2017). It joints with the Lianjiang County Government releasing the first data set online on 2017.03.22. This made all 22 local governments met the target of open data and crossed a new milestone.

The open data program has achieved pretty good achievements among central government agencies and highly recognized by the international society. Amid well-polished central government open data mechanism and the NDC has been taking steps to encourage local government's open data for linking with their central counterparts since the second half of 2016. It works with local governments on scores of supportive services and collaboration to learn about the meaning and benefits of working on open data. Then comes the Lianjiang County Government.

The Lianjiang County Government shone in the third smart city survey this year. It topped then ranked in the infrastructure dimension amid strong efforts in e-city relevant service implementation. It was chosen by NDC in the open data showcase this year. Thanks to the great efforts paid by civil servants, here it released its first open data set on the government open data platform on March 22 this year. It is now planning to release tourism relevant data sets to bring about local tourism relevant applications which may influence its peers, the Penghu and Jinmen county government, in advancing open data efforts and shaping up the off-island open data ecosphere.

NDC is expected to coach more open data demo administrations to open local specific data based on the concept of district governance. The goal is not only to develop application services but also to integrate central and local open data to support administrative decision making with comprehensive data.

Figure 1: Key note speech by Mr. LIU Zhiyuan, deputy director

Figure 2: The consultant team and Lianjiang County Government employees

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