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Lienchiang County Government Data Governance Workshop to enhance Open Data localization jointly promoted by county and city governments and private groups.

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According to the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, with the advent of the era of knowledge-based economy, major European countries and the United States, as well as the United Nations (UN), World Economic Forum, World Bank, and other international organizations have, in recent years, spared no effort to advocate and promote Open Data, which is an important strategy for national development. With limited government resources, the new trend and wave of putting to good use the unlimited creativity of the private sector, integrating and applying Open Data, and developing various value-added services have rapidly taken the world by storm.

With this trend, the Industrial Development Bureau has conducted Open Data application training in Matsu and assisted the Lienchiang  County Government in promoting information units, business units, local industries or industries with solution capabilities and academic and research units’ joint establishment of localized Open Data promotion models. Through Data Governance Workshop, the collaboration between the local government and private groups have been promoted, while policies, data, open data, and industrial application approaches have been discussed, in the hope of proposing the practical aspect of data applications and solutions.

The Lienchiang County Government Data Governance Workshop was held by Industrial Development Bureau, co-organized Lienchiang County Government Administration Division, and executed by Taipei Computer Association. In addition, transportation, culture, tourism and travel, and economic sectors, and information bureau and division supervisors as well as local information service operators, related-field operators, academic and research units jointly participated. From October to November 2017, three workshop sessions have been conducted.

The Data Governance Workshop explores the future and current situation of Lienchiang County Government’s Open Data. The Industrial Development Bureau has put forward the following recommendations:

  1. In order to promote data accessibility and usability, data format should be standardized.
  2. For enhancing the accuracy of navigation location, the latitude and longitude locations on the map should be included and strengthen location navigation accuracy.
  3. For enriching the information content, travel information, such as food, attractions, accommodations and so on, should be classified and integrated.
  4. Matsu’s local data should be connected to Government Open Data Platform in order to enhance the possibility of third-party application and development.


Fig. 1: Data Governance Workshop of Lienchiang County Government

Source: Lianjiang County Government Administration Division


The Industrial Development Bureau has actively promoted the “Project of Data-Driven Service Industry Applications and Development”, assisting local governments in establishing technologies, regulations, and other environmental aspects in order to lay down a foundation of future development. It is expected that Open Data applications and demands can be boosted through the plan. Through mutual cooperation between the public and private sectors, mutual benefits and mutual prosperity can be achieved, while ensuring transparency in government policy implementation, improving policy decision-making quality, enhancing daily convenience for the public, creating more employment opportunities, molding industrial transformation opportunities, and promoting economic growth, thereby creating Taiwan industries’ new niche!


Reference: Matsu Daily News 2017-11-22

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