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Tainan City Government – "Open government and turn the map upside down": integrate citizens in the decision making

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The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), Tainan City Government is releasing the "Tainan City Government Open" video on the "I love Tainan City" FB fans page and "Tainan City Vision" Youtube channel to help residents here learn more about citizen involvement and the Tainan City Government's actions and results in "open government". The aim is to deep root the idea of "deliberative democracy" and "public participation" in every citizen's daily life.

The Tainan City Government has achieved good results in "open government" based on the guidelines of "transparency, participation, collaboration" and execution of "open data", "open service" and "open decision making", RDEC noted. Regarding open data, the city government has been releasing government data for the public’s value added application. The data platform now has 637 data sets, 3213 records and 2.1 million browsing clicks.

Regarding open service, it has pioneered on the "OPEN 1999" open API which enable both the government and enterprises to develop APP, work together to expand public service capacity and implement total supervision. As of the end of April 2017, the private sector has come up with three dispatch APPs which have announced 80,756 dispatch cases. The nation first "Tainan City Government public conduits graphic data system" disaster prevention application has worked on the best in 0206 earthquake incident. It identifies conduits around the "Weiguan Jinlong Building" immediately after the earthquake, gets relevant parties to the scene to label duct position which help avoid secondary damage by enabling working parties digging up underground pipes without any mistake. The same system is now working for construction units to feedback work progress to make road excavation information transparent which helps in the supervision by every resident.

Open decision making is aimed at getting citizen involvement in the decision making process of public affairs. The city government pioneered in getting citizen involvement in the decision making of "Feiyan Village Development Project" and new city center location selection. RDEC also leads the nation in inviting civics course teachers from senior high schools to sit in the "New city center open decision making" course material design meeting. Here they reviewed how to combine citizen deliberation and course material to nurture students' civics accomplishment. A writing contest was held for students in senior high schools to encourage them in getting involved in the public policy shaping up process. The theme "Your city, you design" requires them to itemize their visions and imagination about the city or part of it to collaborate with citizen power in building up the image of a future city.

People now can join public affairs in multiple ways. The Tainan City Government is now inviting every one of you to get involved in city administration and vision the future Tainan City! Please go to the following web site to view our wonderful film on the "I love Tainan City" FB fans page and "Tainan City Vision" Youtube channel. Please share and OK them if they touch you!

Video address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVHUkvqvXKI

News release address: http://www.tainan.gov.tw/tainan/news.asp?id={369E98C5-89AD-4F80-910C-DFC2EF13596A}

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